Quite contradictorily, yet truthfully, the largest democracy of the world is considered as one of the backward countries in terms of economic development, social status and per capita income of its citizens. However, ever since India has been independent in 1947, at least dozens of political parties have ruled the country and still after almost 72 years of British’s leaving, the country suffers badly in very fundamental issues, like health, education, employment and livelihood.
This year, prior to 72nd Independence day, when our honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address the Nation from New Delhi, let’s question ourselves honestly do we even deserve to be proud of the ridiculous politics of this country?
Here are the top 10 ridiculously shameless incidents of this year that will make us ashamed of Indian politics.
Let’s have a look!

1. Narendra Modi demanded votes in the name of Indian Army

While security and defence is one of the most sensitive issues of a country irrespective of the colours and ideologies of the Governments, Narendra Modi had ridiculously tried to encash the success of Balakot airstrike (which was again doubtful although) into his party votes.
In a rally in Maharashtra in this year’s April, just after blaming Indian National Congress for the partition of the country and the birth of Pakistan, Narendra Modi was heard saying, “I want to tell the first-time voters: can your first vote be dedicated to the veer jawans (valiant soldiers) who carried out the air strike in Pakistan. Can your first vote be dedicated to the veer shaheed (brave martyrs) of Pulwama (terror attack)”.
Stepping one step ahead, the leader of the largest democracy of the world, said, “Under the BJP’s watch it is the policy of ‘New India’ that it will kill terrorists by barging into their dens”.
Quite expectedly, Election Commission put strong objection to the matter, saying “Parties/candidates are advised that their campaigners/candidates should desist, as part of their election campaigning, from indulging in any political propaganda involving activities of defence forces”.
If it doesn’t hurt the sentiment of a country, perhaps nothing will.


2. An Army man had to fight against the P.M. for the first time in Indian history



For the first time in the Indian history, an Army man has been compelled to contest against the prime minister of the country in Lok Sabha election.
Yes, the sacked BSF Jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav, who was terminated from his service after he had shared a video complaining about the quality of food that was served to the army personnel, decided to fight against prime minister Narendra Modi from Varanasi. In Tej Bahadur’s own words, “At least the government could have bothered to address the corruption issue I had raised. Its actions to suppress my voice only shows this government is party to large scale corruption in the forces”.
While the Prime Minister demanded votes in the name of Jawans in other corners of the country, in Varanasi, quite sarcastically, he had to campaign against an ex-army man.


3. 111 TN farmers fought against the P.M. from Varanasi

With over 50 major rivers flowing through the country, Indian is certainly a farming-based country since the medieval ages as the Indian civilizations grew and flourished around the river basins.
In such a country, farming and farmers are so disastrously neglected, exploited and literally forced towards the verge of death that 111 farmers from Tamil Nadu were compelled to fight against the P.M. Narendra Modi from Varanasi alongside Tej Bahadur Yadav. This was the first time that farmers fought against the prime minister of India.
In context, this was the same group of farmers that protested in Jantar Mantar in 2017 with the skulls of other farmers who had killed themselves for indebtedness.


4. Yogi Adityanath tagged Indian Army as ‘Modi Ji Ka Sena’

And what can be more objectionable than saying a country’s armed forces as the force of its Prime Minister? Well, Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath did exactly the same thing. During a rally in New Delhi, Yogi Adityanath, taking a dig at Indian National Congress, claimed that the Indian Army is actually ‘Modi Ji Ka Sena’ who fought with Pakistan.
As soon as Yogi’s comment came out, the Indian Army and the Election Commission sharply opposed it. Starting from CoI Ashok Singh to Brig Gurmeet Kanwal, many Army personnel slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi for politicizing country’s armed force.

5. Haryana Government insults Olympic level athletes and cut down prize money


No matter how many sportspersons’ biopics are filmed and how much they collect at the box office, sports is one of the most neglected sectors in the country, oh, of course, without men’s cricket!
From immense poverty of Jhulan Goswami to Mary Kom or Dipa Karmakar, sports personalities certainly get very little support from the country and recent step of Haryana Government once again depicts so.
After Haryana Government canceled a state-level function to award the sportspersons followed by transfer of the cash prize directly to their bank accounts and cut down the prize money of the athletes, two International level wrestler Bajrang Punia and Vinesh Phogat had expressed their outrage towards the Haryana Government.
Vinesh wrote on her Twitter, “Every time you try right here how to annoy players. I have not seen such an insulting Government of sportspersons in Haryana till today. I want to ask you how many players you have done to give you prize money and jobs till date”.
No wonder that corruption in the largest democracy of the world is increasing day by day as people are lacking their morality, because who doesn’t know that sportsmanship spirit is the seed to a good character? Oh, perhaps only the Governments don’t!


6. 28-days hunger strike of SSC candidates in West Bengal due to opacity in recruitment

You have bagged the required qualification, and you have successfully qualified the examination to get a job and surprisingly you are still not being employed due to years-long opacity in candidates’ recruitment. This was what exactly happened with the SSC qualified students for half a decade. In protest of this, over 450 successful SSC candidates protested against the Government with a hunger strike in front of the Kolkata Press Club on Mayo Road. In own words of one of the protestors, “Today is the 28th day of our agitation. I qualified in the SSC exam in 2016 in both the written test and the interview, but haven’t received any recruitment call so far. We want recruitment to start immediately”.
However, as the West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee and Education minister Partha Chatterjee and assured the protestors to take the needful steps as early as possible, the hunger strike was withdrawn.

7. Congress leader termed Bhopal’s sensitive minor rape-murder was a ‘BJP Conspiracy’

While India ranks at a very lower position in terms of women safety and security, the Public Relations & Legislative Affairs Minister of Madhya Pradesh P.C. Sharma termed the rape and murder of Bhopal’s minor as a ‘BJP Conspiracy’ in June.
Sharma, in an interview, said, “Also now the former chief minister is starting his so called campaign to save girl children and attempt to form local level committees (mohalla samiti) from the same locality is all questionable. Such attempts cannot be specific but is a government move. So many incidents of violent crime against women happened in the BJP regime. Why did Shivraj Singh Chouhan not start such a campaign then?”
While rape and murder of a minor is the most sensitive issue for a country, a prominent national leader’s this kind of comment was strongly condemned by the people of the country.

8. Narendra Modi insensitively mocked the Dyslexic children & made fun of their parents


During a conversation with the participants of Smart India Hackathon 2019 at IIT Kharagpur, Narendra Modi once again presented an example of his insensitivity. In a way of trying to mock the opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, Modi actually ended up insulting the dyslexic children shamelessly and mocked their parents.
The incident took place when a student from Dehradun tried to explain how the dyslexic children can be creative in spite of having difficulties, and Narendra Modi mocked the dyslexics with a sarcastic chuckle.

As soon as the video of the offensive had gone viral, Netizens reacted strongly towards the insensitive gesture of the prime minister of a country where around 18% of the primary school children are assumed to be affected by the disease.

9. Educationist Atishi from AAP loses & terror-accused Sadvi Pragya wins in Lok Sabha election

As much rightly penned by renowned Bengali poet Srjato Bandopadhyay, “With some election results, the nation actually moves backward”, the win of a terror-accused Sadvi Pragya over an educated political activist and educationist Atishi is much symbolic to the win of evil over the good in the country.
The shocking result of the poll left many civilized people speechless and even strong reactions like, “From now on, before calling Pakistan a terrorist country, remember, you voted a terror-accused over an educationist” came out.

10. BJP manifesto said nothing about an alarming decrease in groundwater level but assured Ram Mandir


According to environmentalists, within 2021, more than half a dozen of Indian cities, including Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and others will witness a severe shortage of ground-level water. The cherry on the top is, Indian capital New Delhi has also secured its place in the top few most polluted cities in the world. But, surprisingly the party with the largest mandate of the people in Lok Sabha Election 2019 has nothing to do with all these. Oh, but yes, they have enough time to think about building Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. Sign of a good democracy, huh?

Indian politics is certainly a kaleidoscope of ups and downs of incidents and people and invaders and rulers. So rich in heritage and political ideology and yet so fragile in constructive political reformation surely isn’t what civilized people expect from a country. Of course, we have much to be proud of about our country and about our nation but as the famous quote says, “a person who can continuously criticize himself is the only one who can prosper in life”, Indians should face these embarrassing facts and look out for ways of remedies.


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