Indian food for travellers: India is the hub for foodie people; the variety of food is uncountable.Indian cuisine is widely popular for its spiciness and delicious taste. India has the bliss of flavours for a vegetarian as well as for non-vegetarians.The food collection in the country is very remarkable. It offers hundreds of traditional delicacies, which differ from north to south.Every single region has unique dishes which gives you mouth-watering taste and flavour.

Pani Puri/ Goal Gappa
Pani Puri is the most favourite street food in India. It reflects the true diversity of Indian food where one food item pronounces with a different name and holds different taste as well . In North India, it is filled up with mashed potato and serves with mint, tamarind, and some spices flavoured water.In South India, it is filled with green peas and in West, serves with flavoured water. Gol Gappa gives you the real taste of India along with herbs and spices. This food have different names like puchka, Pani Batashe, Gol Gappe, Pani puri.

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Masala Dosa
Indian food for travellers South Indian foods is very appetizing as well as healthful at the same time. FYI, the South Indian food is the spiciest Indian cuisine.Along with these, the cuisine of the South is very healthy and very high in nutrition values. When we talk about the food of the South, the first thing hits in our mind is Masala Dosa, idli, vada, and the list goes on.Masala Dosa is the main breakfast food for every south Indian of the country.As per the CNN survey, Masala Dosa stands on 39th position in the list most delicious food in the world.

Butter chicken
Indian food for travellers Butter chicken is purely the New Delhi food, as it originated in Moti Mahal Restaurant in 1950. Once the cook of the restaurant, by mistake mixed the sauce which is made of butter, chicken juice, tomato with tandoori chicken slices. Consequently, the result of this incident becomes the most toothsome dish in the world. Now, there is not a single non-vegetarian person can be found who can say that he or she doesn’t have tasted or eaten the Butter chicken.This food is easily available and can be found in every restaurant and highway dhabas.

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Indian thali
Thali is one of the important revolutions of traditional Indian food. Thali is basically a plate on which the food is severed. Usually made up of stainless steel and arranged around it are an array of tiny saucers or bowls containing all the delicacies. if you order a Thali in the North, the most probably you will get the best food in the local place.Thali is the best way to enjoy Indian cuisine as you get all the dishes in one single plate. The benefit of Thali is; in just a few bucks you get the taste of your life.

Pineapple Shondesh
Bengalis are known for their sweet tooth and language and the poster child of that, is the sandesh. Also known as the “heart stealer”, in some parts of Bengal. Sandesh is essentially made with milk and sugar. This white/creamy beauty of a dessert is found mainly in eastern India and its variants are made of chheena (cheese) instead of milk. Kolkata is the best place for eating sandesh: the amazing, soft sweet which will delight your senses like nothing else.

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Choosing the top 5 Indian foods is like picking a small pebbles from giant mountains.


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