While road trips have always been a popular vacation trend in the west, India has recently started taking an interest in it. Owing to the broken roads and ditches, road trips were never a good vacationing option earlier. However, the situation has drastically improved now and the terrain doesn’t disappoint either. Here are 5 of the best road trips from Mumbai:

1. Alibaug:

A popular weekend destination amongst the younger citizens, Alibaug is a tiny town on the Mumbai-Goa highway. Beautiful shores, lovely beaches and a fabulous fort, Alibaug is sure to make a great road trip.
Time: 2 hours 30 minutes
Best time: November to June

2. Pelhar Dam:

An ideal getaway for a short road trip, this dam is located in the Pelhar Village, 21 kms from Vajreshwari village near Vasai. It is a fun spot to chill with friends or to explore by yourself.
Time: 1 hour 50 minutes
Best time: November to June

3. Sula Vinyards:

A perfect weekend getaway with friends or significant other, Sula Vineyards is surely amazing. While we do not promote drink and drive, we suggest you to plan and stay the night there. Some of the best activities include wine tasting, grape stomping, vineyard tours and more.
Time: 3 hours 33 minutes
Best time: January to June

4. Aurangabad:

A longer road for the adrenaline junkies, Aurangabad is named after the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. It treasures great historical monuments and is home to a number of forts, temples and mosques. It is also close to the iconic Ajanta Ellora caves.
Time: 6 hours 28 minutes
Best time: October to March

5. Goa:

This place does not need any introduction! It is one of the most frequented destination and much loved among the youngsters. It has everything from peaceful beaches, to party life and water sports. Nothing more needs to be said about this amazing place.
Time: 10 hours 41 minutes
Best time: October to February

So what are you waiting for? Plan for a road trip with your buddies. We are sure that these 5 destinations will not disappoint you!


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