1. Visapur Fort Trek

Visapur fort offers a majestic view from the height of 3556 ft. Sited in Maharashtra, this trek is one of the most scenic and beautiful treks in Monsoon. This trek treats people with a number of ethereal views of lush green valleys and small or large waterfalls. The trek showcases ruins of a large stone-house which is also known as Peshwa’s palace. With surreal greenery and a peaceful environment, this getaway should surely make it to your bucket list.

2. Mahuli Fort, Thane

Mahuli fort in Thane is a mysterious Mughal fort that is a fascinating place to visit. An ideal getaway for a short weekend trip, this fort is beautiful in the Monsoons. The mountain peaks Vazir and Vishnu are a sight to behold and make for the perfect weekend outing. It is also a paradise for rock climbers due to the rough terrain on Vazir and Vishnu.

3. Kalsubai Peak, Igatpuri

Located at a height of 5000 ft, the Kalsubai Peak is the highest peak in Maharashtra. It is in the district of Igatpuri. This peak, along with natural beauty is also blessed with the temple of the Goddess Kalsubai. It caters to a number of pilgrims who visit often to seek blessings. In order to facilitate older people, and make it accessible to them, the government has installed ladders and stairs wherever possible.

4. Andharban, Pune

Andharban, literally meaning dark forest, is a hidden retreat close to Mumbai. It is the perfect place to escape with your buddies to engage in a fun and exciting outing. This place offers a breath-taking view of the Kundalika Valley, Bhira Dam and Tamini Ghat. It offers a number of activities such as white water rafting.

5. Ratangadh Fort

Accessible from Kasara railway station, this hidden gem is a treasure trove of beauty and serenity. One can enjoy a mesmerizing night trek and reach the top to admire the rock-cut caves, gleaming in the moonlight. One can cherish the awe-inspiring views of Rani Mahal from the Eastern end and Katrabai and Ajoba First from the Southern end. The best part is that you get to stay in a striking cave and enjoy nature at its best.


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