Now we would be able to see the insights of Delhi Police day to day operations through the show titles “Capital Police – Beyond The Khaki”.
“The aim is to give a deeper insight into the day-to-day functioning, and the various challenges confronted by our police force towards the commitment and trust people put in us,” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Central) Mandeep Singh Randhawa, explaining the intent of the show.
“It has been a fascinating experience for some of our officials, who were part of the pilot, as they have never before faced the camera. They are not actors, they are real-life heroes who go about doing their duties even as the cameras were rolling,” Randhawa added.
On the occasions of City’s Mega-events, like Republic Day and Independence Day Police officers would be giving us the look at how they maintain the discipline, law, and peace.
The crew of Discovery, the channel airing the series, was specially assigned to a selected group of officers and police stations to capture the police operations live, as they happened. The viewers would be able to see the operations police official handle or solve along with them. The series is scheduled to premiere today, July 23.

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