MCU’s latest offering Avengers: Infinity War is doing wonders all across the world. Fans are going crazy over the epic superhero films. However, a tragic and freaky incident in Andhra Pradesh has shocked everyone.

In an unfortunate incident, a man has died while watching Avengers: Infinity War at Cine Hub Multiplex, Proddatur, Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh.

The 43-year-old deceased has been identified as Peddapasupula Baasha, who was a construction worker by profession. He went to watch the latest MCU film to celebrate his May Day holiday.

According to the report of TOI, the man was found dead sitting in his seat. The employee of the theatre didn’t realize until the end of the movie. They assumed that the man was waiting for the post-credit scenes. However, when he didn’t move even after the post-credit scene ended, they went to check on him.

After reaching there, they removed the 3D glass, they found him dead. He died with his eyes open. He died long before. The body of the deceased has been sent to the local government hospital. The police have filed a case under section 174. The cop believes that the man died due to cardiac arrest or natural cause. the investigation is still underway.


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