Veteran Indian actor Anupam Kher whose autobiography ‘Lessons Life Taught Me, Unknowingly’ will be published in August, 2019, is taking small glimpses of his kaleidoscopic life experience to his official Instagram handle.
Uploading two small videos depicting the experience of his first stage performance experience in one of them and a ridiculous experience to be almost adopted by a British woman in another, Kher looks completely cheerful and delighted to bring his life’s unknown incidents in front of his fans.
Check out the videos!

Anupam has always described himself as a small town boy who dared to dream in his life. Needless to say, the actor who started his journey with 1984’s Saaransh can’t help his excitement to reveal his life story comprising of almost six-and-a-half decades of ups and downs. In Anupam’s own words, “My life will literally be an ‘Open Book’ in August 2019 when my autobiography will be released. It is a story of a small town boy who dared to dream. It is a story about hope, disappointments, success, failures and eternal optimism. So you will snatch off your own life in my life”.


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