Roshan family has been on the headlines for quite a long time due to the family’s internal allegations and cross-allegations. While Roshan family’s neighbour revealed a letter expressing what Sunaina Roshan was going through and Rangoli Chandel’s shocking statement complicated the entire matter, no response from Hrithik’s side was heard.
However, finally, Hrithik has spoken up on the much-talked and gossiped matter. Recently Sunaina accused her father Rakesh Roshan and brother Hrithik of harassing her, saying, “I had liked a house in Oberoi Springs (Andheri), but cannot afford the high rent. In fact, I had moved out from my Juhu family home about a month back and was staying in a Bandra hotel. They cajoled me into coming back on Saturday. Now, I cannot go as I don’t have any money. If Hrithik can live separately, why can’t I?”

However, in a recent talk with a leading publication, Hrithik said, “This is an internal, private and sensitive matter for me and my family. In didi’s current state, it would not be correct of me to speak about her. It is an unfortunate situation that probably many families are going through and are as helpless as we are, owing to stigmas and an incredibly weak medical infrastructure in this country for such cases.”
Getting more into the complicated issue, Hrithik further added, “Also, religion is not even a thing in my family. It has never been discussed or been given importance whatsoever in my entire life. And I would like to believe that it is obvious to the world by now.”
In the context, Hrithik Roshan’s ex-wife Sussane has also recently penned a heartfelt letter expressing how Sunaina is dealing with an unfortunate situation.


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