One of the finest batsmen and all-rounder of Indian cricket, Yuvraj Singh has declared his retirement today, on June 10th, 2019.

This remarkably talented player has represented India in 40 Test matches, 304 ODIs and 58 T20 games. However, the most pivotal roles were played by the player in India’s two big triumphs – the 2007 T20 World Cup and the 2011 World Cup.
At a press conference in Mumbai, Yuvraj said, “After 25 years in and around the 22 yards and almost 17 years in international cricket on and off, I have decided to move on. This game taught me how to fight, how to fall, to dust off, to get up again and move forward.” He added “I was extremely lucky to play 400 games for India. I could never have imagined it when I first started playing.”

Yuvraj was at the zenith of his form in the 2011 World Cup with 362 runs, 15 wickets, 4 man-of-the-match awards and the Player of the Tournament honour. He was praised highly all over the world for his stunning performance in India’s second World Cup win at home.

Yuvraj last played a Test in 2012 and an ODI and T20 in 2017. But he continued to be a huge favourite for teams in the very popular Indian Premier League (IPL).

However, along with his aggression and performance on the ground, this 37 years old cricketer’s commendable fight off the ground was no less heroic. Yes, Yuvraj battled with cancer and underwent chemotherapy sessions in the US. What makes his fight with cancer more glamorous is his come back on grounds even after this extensive treatment.

Yuvraj, whether for his performance on the ground or outside the field, will always be remembered and idealized by every single person who dares to dream, dares to fight and dares to spring back from every fall back of life.


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