A Pakistani news host has been trolled by the worldwide social media users after she mistakenly confused Apple Inc. with apple fruits.

During a serious discussion on a financial issue based topic, when the invitee speaker stated “Apple’s business is so much more than even Pakistan’s budget”, the anchor of the news show was caught saying “Yes, I have heard that Apple’s (fruit) business has been thriving lately and there are various verities of it”.

Although the speaker sorted out the confusion then and there clearly stating “I am talking about the Apple company, not the fruit.” and the host also rectified herself, the video went viral among the netizens.

Twitter users didn’t leave a chance to troll the news anchor about her level of understanding the context of a serious discussion and the video got flooded with sarcastic comments.

While someone commented “‘Level of Journalism in Pakistan!!” or “Poor anchor still thinking about grocery after the show”, more sarcastically some other wrote, “that is why people say an apple a day keeps the doctor away but they don’t say psychiatrist away”.

However, some Twitter users defended the anchor expressing that had the invitee been more articulate with his remark, the anchor would not have been confused with the statement. “It is the guy who failed to qualify his argument properly! Just apple means fruit!” a user said.


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