Rahul Gandhi has decided to stick to his decision of resigning from the post of Congress president saying that he did it to ensure the accountability for the party’s Lok Sabha poll debacle and there is no question of going back on it. 
“I have resigned after taking full responsibility and ensuring accountability for the party’s defeat in the Lok Sabha elections. I cannot ask others to resign too. It is up to them if they want to take responsibility,” He told the leaders.
Rahul Gandhi added that there is no question of withdrawing his decision as Congress hasn’t won a single Lok Sabha seat out of 10 in Haryana.
Sonia Gandhi, as the present UPA chairperson, declares that Rahul Gandhi is no longer holds the position of the president in Indian National Congress as he resigned.
When some MPs have anticipated about the probable consequences of the decision resulting in the resignation of Congress party leaders, Rahul has said, “If someone wants to leave the party, they are free to do so today instead of tomorrow. I am here and would continue to be in the party and work for the Congress.” He further added, “I have become a Congress fanatic and (will) continue to fight the RSS. If others want to be with him (Rahul), they are welcome,”.


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