Race 3 trailer has divided people on social media. A big chunk of people is slamming the movie for the over the top actions, whacky dialogues and the outdated star cast. Everything about the movie has become a topic for memes. The movie has been trending for a very long time, however for all the wrong reasons.


One dialogue which has become the butt of the joke is Daisy Shah’s “Our business is our business, none of your business”. People are constantly making fun of this dialogue. Social media is filled with the memes about the same. This has been the most talked about topic in last few days.

Recently Daisy Shah slammed all those people, who were making fun of her dialogue. Now, it seems her co-star Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez have come in support of the actress. All of them have released some videos in which they are seen using this dialogue for their daily life.

These videos are a sly reply to the trolls, who are making fun of Race 3 dialogues. It also shows not everything should be taken seriously.

Here Is The Video of Salman Khan:

Here Is The Video of Jacqueline Fernandez:

Here Is The Video of Daisy Shah and Jacqueline Fernandez together:

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