If anybody deserves the title ‘Being Human’ in Bollywood he is none other than Salman Khan and it’s proved once again in Bharat’s premiere last night.
Tuesday, prior to Eid, a special screening of Salman Khan’s movie Bharat was organized at Mumbai where many Bollywood superstars starting from Katrina Kaif, Tabu, Anil Kapoor, singer Palak Muchchal, Tiger Shroff, Disha Patani and Salman Khan himself were present.
However, when Salman’s fans broke out into excitement seeing him outside the theatre a little kid was almost trampled by the crowd. Salman, on seeing his bodyguard’s reluctance to rescue the child, slapped him in the public and the kid got rescued.
As soon as the incident happened, and a video clip caught by a Salman fan was shared, it went viral.
Everybody is aware of Salman’s love for kids. Yesterday’s incident once again proved that Bhaijaan has a golden heart for all, forever.
Video Credits- Peeping Moon



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