Revocation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir is probably the most talked political matter of turmoil in the recent days of India’s international politics. Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as always, dared to take a historic step to revoke Article 370 from the valley of Jammu and Kashmir. People, nationally and internationally, crossing across all borders have been divided into two parts, a lion’s share portion of which supports the revocation of the article.

However, Noble peace prize winner Pakistani girl Malala Yousafzai has recently taken her stand on the burning issue that has downgraded the international relationship between India and Pakistan. Malala, in her Tweet, has penned down how Kashmiri people, especially women and children, have been suffering from violence for many decades. Being a well-wisher of the countrymen, Malala has wished that the seven-decade-old Kashmir conflict gets resolved in the most peaceful way possible mentioning that she is really worried about the Kashmiri children and women.

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Check out the latest tweet of Malala here!


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