Though the rains in India may have had a delayed beginning, they’ve already started becoming a menace for citizens. In the past few days, rains made its way into the viewing gallery of the iconic Statue of Unity in Gujarat. Tourists shared videos of water puddles on the floor and water dripping from the roofs.

While many of these tourists had already shared videos on social media, netizens did not hold back on their displeasure and several negative views were surfaced. One user said, “Viewing Gallery of ₹3000 crore Statue of Unity. One rain and it gets flooded, water leaking from the roof and front. What a Shame!” A tourist on site told reporters, “We had come with great hope to see the world’s tallest statue. But we are feeling bad looking at the statue in the rain. It has not rained heavily, and already the main hall and viewing gallery of the statue is filled with water. It is unfortunate.”

Officials of this statue of unity took to twitter to respond to the complaints. They said, “The rainwater has been blown by high-velocity winds inside the viewing gallery Its by design that it has to be kept open for a better view which tourists can enjoy Water accumulation is being promptly tackled by the maintenance team.”

The Statue of Unity, is a 182-metre memorial, in the Narmada district. It is dedicated to Sardar Patel and is the tallest structure of its kind in the world. It was inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on October 31 last year.


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