Worldwide famed Australian television personality and conversationalist Steve Irwin couldn’t be prouder than today ever after seeing his son Robert feeding Murray at the same place where he did 15 years ago.
Yes, the Crocodile Hunter who made us holding our breath by thrilling videos of Crocodile, snakes and other horrible and yet beautiful creatures of nature had breathed his last after a tragic accident caused by a Stingray in 2006 at Queensland, Australia while filming his then-going project.
However, after 15 years after Steve fed Muray, a habitat of his zoo, his son Robert Irwin is feeding the same crocodile at the same place, and more interestingly, with the same attire – a light olive grey shirt and shorts paired with black shoes.

Just after the photograph was shared on Robert’s Instagram handle, it went viral and was flooded with tons of comments from every corner of the globe.
Following his father’s footsteps, Robert hosts a popular television programme, called Robert’s Real Life Adventures and has already established himself as a television personality. The huge love and blessing to Robert from all across the globe surely show how impactful Steve Irwin was and is yet in our hearts.


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