Very legendary coach and former cricketer Younis Khan said that Indian cricket player Virat Kohli is not only loved by India but he also cherishes all over the world including Pakistan.  Kohli has been superb form since the 2015 world cup this make a buzz and feel by many Kohli become an x-factor for Bharat in world cup 2019. He is now 2nd batsman in the list of most century maker in one-day international cricket behind Sachin Tendulkar. Indian cricket team’s fitness also plays a major roll on that.

Khan said that most of the Pakistani player want to play like a Virat Kohli and act as his body language in the ground.

Yonis Khan also said that “Virat Kohli is also loved by Pakistanis. Today, many Pakistan players want to play like Kohli and be fit like him and have his body language. Even in the Asia Cup where he did not play, the stadiums weren’t jampacked. He is a big factor for India in the World Cup,”

Former legendary west indies’ cricketer Sir Viv Richards shares his view about Indian caption Virat Kohli and said that his aggressiveness nature is misunderstood as ego by others.

“I love guys like that. People talk about arrogance but it is about believing in yourself. It is like having the keys to your home, Virat has something similar now (know all the entry and exits). I had it in my time, he has it now”.

I have always loved Indian batsmanship. The confidence he is blessed with you can’t get that overnight. Either it’s instilled in you or you are born with it. He is a fighter and defends his teammates more than anyone else. It’s not arrogance, he fancies himself against anybody in the world and that I think is the right way to play. Every great player looks forward to being on the biggest stage and every such player wants to come out winning a cup. That’s what Kohli has with him,” told Richards.


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