Taking a dig at Bollywood’s one of the most controversial actresses Kangana Ranaut, Zarina Wahab, the critically acclaimed actress and wife of actor Aditya Pancholi, says, nobody can accuse a person of rape after a four years long relationship comes to an end.

Kangana, a few years earlier, alleged that Aditya used to misbehave with her. Being even younger to Aditya-Zarina’s daughter, Kangana expected Zarina to help her but Kangana accused that Aditya’s wife didn’t bother to help.

However, Zarina Wahab, in a recent interview has taken her stand saying that blaming a person after a relationship comes to an end and the other person moves on isn’t simply the right thing.

Aditya and Zarina married in 1986 and the 59 years old actress had already mentioned in earlier interviews that marrying Aditya Pancholi was her best decision of life. In the context of Kangana’s allegation, Zarina said that, Aditya has always been very loyal to her and their bonding of trust won’t fade away with anybody’s allegation.

Starting from accusing Hrithik Roshan to Aditya Pancholi or commenting on Karan Johar, Kangana Ranaut is certainly one of the most controversial actresses of B-town ever. Now it’s time to see how the Queen-star reacts to Zarina Wahab’s comment on her.


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